We help professional services companies become market leaders by turning complex offerings into differentiated products that sell faster, easier, and at higher margins.

What we do

We’ve helped 150+ great companies, in 10 cities, and 6 countries achieve hundreds of millions in new revenue

Fractional CMO Leadership

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Sometimes you don't need a full time CMO, but you need the strategic leadership and expertise to make things happen. We design our Fractional CMO engagements around the specific outcomes that drive your business strategy. Is a Fractional CMO Right for Your Business? Take the Assessment

AI-Enabled Marketing Transformation

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To remain competitive successful leaders must include AI in their business strategies. AI has capabilities available today that will help accelerate every company's business strategy
We can help you develop an effective AI strategy and integrate AI into your marketing organization to significantly increase the impact and efficiency of the marketing team, achieving a multiplier effect that enables a small team to have the impact of a much larger team.

Service Productization

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Recasting your services as branded products can maximize their sellability.  We turn complex services into marketable products, simplifying your value proposition and shortening sales cycles.

Brand Differentiation & Positioning

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Market-leading professional service firms consider their brands their most valuable asset. We'll help you elevate your brand with the decision-makers in your industry and clarify your unique value in a way that increases your margins and accelerates sales.

Who we are.

Since founding SimpleMind Inc. in 2011, Michael Taylor has helped professional service companies with complex offerings to increase their market clarity, accelerate sales, and achieve sustainable growth; as a Fractional CMO and Brand Strategist, Michael successfully scaled and sold his professional services business and led over 150 strategic marketing accounts across ten cities and six countries, driving substantial business transformations. His expertise in simplifying and translating the value of professional services has made him an indispensable partner in navigating today’s ever-changing competitive landscapes.

Michael has been pivotal in refocusing our marketing strategy towards growth and improving our brand across the board over the last couple of years. He helped us integrate our marketing and sales teams, sharpened our value propositions and spearheaded the creation of new service products thus elevating our position as thought leaders.
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Helping Great Companies Do Great Things

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A typical B2B sale to a firm with 100-500 employees has an average of 7 people involved in most buying decisions